How to maintain a gun safe ? Gun Safe Maintenance Tips


As with any appliance in the home, the gun safe needs maintaining to protect your valuables from damage and theft. When you take care of it, the unit can last for decades, add worth to your items, and gun collection.

Depending on where the safes standing dust and dirt can still, cover it. Once dust and dirt settle on it cleaning becomes difficult over time. That is why you need to keep it clean and working on a regular basis.

Here are some great tips to keep your handgun safe in tip-top-working-order.

Clean the exterior

Use a non-abrasive cloth, water, and soap to clean the exterior and metal parts such as the hinges, handle, and locking bolts. This is the best way to clean a gun safe with a gloss texture. You can use metal cleaners but it will eventually eat away the non-tarnish coating on the parts.

Make sure to oil the hinges of the door and you need to apply it to the bottom, side, and top of the hinges. Only use a small amount of oil as this prevents the parts from sticking. Imagine yourself in an emergency and the door does not open as it was stuck.

If you have a fireproof safe ensure that, the fire seals are in an excellent condition and if not have, it replaced. For blemishes, you can touch it up with some paint. Try to do these cleaning tips on a monthly basis if you can.

Service the Locking Mechanism

One of the important features of a gun safe is the locking mechanism. You need a lock that works, if it does not you have a useless metal box. Make sure to have the lock inspected by a locksmith at least once a year. If you bought a quality handgun safe, they normally have some type of guarantee.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

The biggest cause of firearm damage is humidity and depends on where you have placed your safe. Here you can invest in the best dehumidifier to prevent moisture from damaging moving parts and your guns. This unique device removes moisture from the surrounding air. Further, they can also cut down on mold, dust, allergens, and many other things.

As you do not open your gun safe regularly, there is no air circulation on the inside. This causes the temperature on the inside to fluctuate and moisture starts to develop. This gives the safe a bad smell and can cause a mold buildup to take place.

There are different dehumidifiers you can buy that serve a great purpose keeping your valuable items working all the time.

Electric Dehumidifier

One can take this expensive step but worthwhile. When placed in the safe it provides constant heat and controls moisture inside the safe. It looks like a rod sometimes known as a “goldenrod” and a heating element helping to evaporate moisture. This device needs a power supply that you must keep plugged in. There is certain gun safe models that provide electric outlets on the inside. If the handgun safe you have does not have one you will have to lead the wires through the door.

Wireless Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier makes use of battery power and you place it on the inside of the safe. It helps to add warm air on the interior, and small & portable. Further, you can place silica gel with it. Some of these devices sometimes have silica gel on the inside and a fan circulates the air while the silica absorbs it. They normally have a ten-year lifespan. The only thing you need to do is change the battery.

Using Silica Gel

You can find silica packets in different product items when shipped. When buying a new gun safe you may find a packet of this gel on the inside. This helps to keep the interior moisture free. They soak up moisture like a sponge and they are affordable to buy. You can even use them anywhere in the home. You only need to change them out after a few months. Some you can even place in an oven to dry them out and are reusable.

Advantages when using Dehumidifiers

  • The dehumidifier is placed on the inside of the gun safe and prevents moisture buildup
  • Prevents damage to documents and your guns
  • Using the silica gel needs no added power supply and is affordable
  • You only need to replace the gel every few months and some are reusable
  • Some dehumidifiers have silica gel in them that helps if battery power does run out

Disadvantages when using Dehumidifiers

  • This depends on the type of dehumidifier you choose as an electric one needs constant power
  • The wires can get in the way and increase your power bill
  • Electric dehumidifiers are expensive
  • The wireless dehumidifier needs battery power and you need to keep checking it

Final Thoughts

If you keep your gun safe maintained and use a dehumidifier it will give you years of use. By checking the hinges and locks, the safe will open when you need it the most. By keeping the exterior clean, it prevents a dust buildup on the hinges and keeps your gun safe looking great. While a dehumidifier keeps the inside of the safe in tip-top condition prevent documents from falling apart or your guns rusting up.


Gun Safe Door Organizers to Keep Your Gun Safe Clutter Free

American Security Model 24 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kit


Do you want to keep your gun safe organized? You do then the best solution is a gun safe door organizer to keep your gun safe clutter free. No one wants their safe to be full of clutter as this causes one major problem and that is finding your pistol in between the rest of all the other items in your gun safe in an emergency.

Safe door organizers are great inventions as it keeps the most important item that’s your gun accessible, damage free, and scratch free. You can even use it for keeping your smaller valuable organized giving you more space for future handguns you may buy.

You may find that some safes, even come with a gun safe door panel organizer, however, if your one did not include one you can find one with us to fit in with all your requirements.

Gun Safe Door Organizer for Large Safes

American Security Model 24 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kit

American Security Model 24 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kit
American Security Model 24 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kit

The American Security Model 24 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kits designed for large safe doors. You can, however, buy them with different pocket holders such as a 19 or this 24 one. You place it in the door of your safe and equipped with see-through pouches and zippered pockets. It has two rows of holders for storing ammo, choke tubes, and a small flashlight.

It gives you two full-width pistol storage systems that accommodate different firearms and includes 4 holsters for your pistols. You can buy additional handgun holsters to add to this door organizer kit. It accommodates two guns and has a quick release band with Velcro straps to fit different sized doors.

You receive mounting brackets included with this product to mount it to a dry wall door panel and steel doors. The organizer weighs 3 pounds and measures 3 x 28 x 60-inches. It has a maximum door panel height and width from 62-inches (H) to 64-inches (H) and 30 ½ -inches (W) to 24-inches (W).


  • The American 24 premium door organizer has many see-through pouches and zippered pockets to store your valuables,
  • It has two rows of holsters to keep ammo, choke tubes, and small flashlights neatly packed away,
  • There are two full-width pistol storage arrangements to house your handguns and you can buy added holster for this organizer,
  • It has a long storage structure to accommodate two guns and has an AMSEC hassle-free quick release band,
  • With the Velcro bands, you can customize it to fit most large safe doors,
  • You receive mounting hardware to mount the organizer to steel and dry wall doors, and
  • It weighs 3 pounds and measures 3 x 28 x 60-inches

Advantage : Can store two rifles in the organizer, comes with different sized clips, has see-through pockets, and has many different pocket sizes to store different valuables in

Disadvantage : There are extensions available, but you need to buy them separately, the holster is positioned for only right-hand people, using the rifle storage prevents access to some of the other pockets

Gun Safe Door Organizer for Medium Sized Safes

Liberty Door Panel Organizer Accessory Model 12 for Gun Safes

Liberty Safe and Security 10583 12 Gun Safe Door Panel
Liberty Safe and Security 10583 12 Gun Safe Door Panel

As you need, a perfect fit when it comes to gun safe door organizers the Liberty Model 12 door panel organizers suitable for medium sized safes. It comes equipped with three holsters for your pistols to keep them on hand. It has zip pockets, expandable slots, cool pockets, and choke tube holders.

The cool pockets great to keep your documents in as it’s fireproof up to 50°. You can attach it to most interior safe doors that are ⅝-inch thick and use 6 clips to attach it. It has a sturdy design that can hold up to 70 pounds and measures 10 (W) x 49-inches (H). It fits perfectly to any safe door that is 12-inches to 16-inches wide.


  • The Liberty door panel organizer has three quick draw holster, mesh pocket, cool pocket, and document pockets,
  • The actual door size is 10 (w) x 49-inches (h),
  • It fits onto any safe door panel that measures 12 – 16-inches wide, and
  • It has an easy clip system and holds up to 70-pound weight

Advantage : It has a cool fireproof pocket, it’s easy to install, it has hooks to install on all sides, you can install pistols in the organizer, and you can store your pistol and holster in it depending on the size of the holster

Disadvantage : Only has elastic bands for storing magazines and not actual holsters and care needs taken with the hooks, as they do not fit on any safe door.

Stack on Gun Safe Door Organizer for Long-Gun Cabinets

Stack-On SPAO-148 Small Fabric Organizer for Stack-On Long-Gun Cabinet

Stack-On SPAO-148 Small Fabric Organizer for Stack-On Long-Gun Cabinets
Stack-On SPAO-148 Small Fabric Organizer for Stack-On Long-Gun Cabinets

If you want one of the best gun safe door panel organizers for your long-gun, cabinet the Stack-On SPAO-148 is the one to have. The organizers sized to fit the Stack-On gun safes and you mount it to the inside of the door. You have mesh pockets at the top that you can section off into smaller compartments. You receive included a belt strap to hang walkie-talkies and knives.

At the bottom, there is a large pocket to keep larger valuables stored away. The item weighs 8.8-ounces and measures 9.6 x 9 x 1.4-inches and suitable for a 12 gun safe and fastens to the door with Velcro strips.


  • The gun safe door panel organizer mounts to the inside of your 12 gun Stack-On safe,
  • It has mesh pockets to keep smaller items in,
  • It comes with a storage belt for knives and walkie-talkies,
  • It straps to the door with Velcro strips, and
  • It weighs 8.8 ounces and measures 9.6 x 9 x 1.4-inches

Advantages : The Velcro strips are great, but you need to take care to not load it with too much weight – the mesh material is strong and is great as you can see what’s in the pockets, and it fits into a 8 gun safe as well

Disadvantages : The pockets could have been wider.

Safe Door Organizer for Carpeted Interior Doors

Acorn Velcro Pistol Holsters

Acorn Pistol Holsters - 5 pack for Gun Safe
Acorn Pistol Holsters – 5 pack for Gun Safe

The Acorn Velcro is not a hanging organizer, but consists of five Velcro pistol holders. If you have a carpeted interior door these will work well as the holsters will hold your handgun neatly on it while attached to the door. This gives you a neat and tidy look when opening your gun safe for ease of reach when in need of your pistol.

Therefore, if you are the owner of more than one handgun these work perfectly to keep them organized together.


  • The Acorn pistol holster attaches to the interior of a carpeted safe door with Velcro,
  • You receive five holsters to keep your weapons securely in the safe door and prevents it from being damaged, and
  • It attaches with a hook and loop

Advantages : The holsters accommodate most sized pistols, some customers have even used two to keep an AR-15 rifle at the door, can use it in your Stack-On 14 convertible gun safe

Disadvantages : You need to make sure, how you arrange your handguns as it could prevent the door from closing.

Final Thoughts

When you need to buy a Gun Safe Door Organizer, you can buy many different brands online. The most important thing that you need to check is the measurements inside your door safe before buying one. The models available here present you with additional extensions and are adaptable to fit into different sized safe doors. They are durable and help you to keep your gun safe clutter free.

Best Gun Safe Dehumidifier Buyer Information and Review


You have now bought yourself the best gun safe to keep your investment safe and sound. However, did you know that your firearms have a silent killer while standing in that safe? If you are new to owning firearms, you need to know that while you are not using your firearms moisture will eventually cause it to rust. You need the best gun safe dehumidifier to keep moisture where it belongs – away from your most prized possessions.

As your gun safe is in an enclosed space the humidity level around and inside quickly becomes so high that mildew and condensation start building up inside. Both these elements are harmful and cause damage to guns, documents, expensive electronics and more. This, in turn, affects the performance. That is why you need a dehumidifier to keep things dry.

A variety of gun safe dehumidifier exists… we are here to help you find one that will work best in your office or home, but the choice is up to you to choose one that suits both you and your pocket. Here you will see that we have broken up the dehumidifier’s into different categories available on the market…so, let us get on with it!

Wireless Dehumidifiers

As some dehumidifier’s work mostly with a power outlet and you find that your safe is not close to one. You can choose from the wireless dehumidifier to keep your items nice and dry while stored away. These are great if you do not want to drill holes in your safe or excellent in the event if there you have no power outlets close by.

Eva-dry E333 and E500 Renewable Wireless Mini Dehumidifier

Eva-dry Renewable EDV-300
Eva-dry Renewable EDV-300

Both the Eva-dry E333 and E500 are very similar when compared. Both of these do not need a power supply and works with absorbent crystals to help reduce humidity found in your safe. They are compact and the only difference is that the E333 dehumidifies up to 333 cubic feet as where the E500 does 500 cubic feet. They last for months until the crystals fully saturated turning from blue to pink. The design is simple as they both have a convenient gauge found on the front showing the crystal capacity. Once they start approaching their maximum, you can simply remove the unit and plug it into a power supply. The built-in heater dries the crystals and vents out the moisture – recharging it and ready to go back in the safe.

Benefits, Features, and Specifications

Eva Dry Renewable
Eva Dry Renewable
  • These are the best gun safe dehumidifier’s for a great reason as they are easy to install and economical as they do not need direct power and have a typical life of 10-years
  • They are spill and mess free and safe for children and pets as they are non-toxic and you can use them anywhere around the home
  • They last up to 30 days before you need to renew them
  • The E333 works in an area up to 333 cubic feet, while the E500 provides a 500 cubic foot radius and requires no cord or batteries
  • They work up to 10-years and 100% renewable
  • Dimensions: E333 2.8” x 9” x 8.3-inches and weighs 1.2 pounds – E500 8 x 2.5 x 5.5-inches weighing 1.8 pounds
  • 5-year Industry warranty
  • One does not need to buy refills as you just charge them up with power
  • They are compact and work quietly

Checkout Discounts on Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier 

Checkout Discounts on Eva-dry E-500 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier 

PEET Dryer – SafeKeeping Dryer for Gun Storage

Peet Dryer

The SafeKeeping dryer manufactured by PEET is not only one of the best gun safe dehumidifier’s but also an excellent one. The dryer operates by allowing the air to flow throughout the inner part of the safe. This eventually removes unwanted humidity. The design of the dehumidifier consists of three parts the holder, plug housing, and the electrical cord. This dryer is made from durable material making it rust free and provides a constant circulation of air, keeping your gun safe dry. There is no stress or fuss when using this dryer even when you open your safe door as this unit recovers easily and fast and maintenance free and only requires power.

Benefits, Features, and Specifications

  • The PEET circulates warm air while removing humidity causing mildew and rust
  • ETL approved and completely safe to use
  • Functions silently
  • Dimensions: 11 x 8.8 x 5.8-inches and weighs 3 pounds
  • Designed for working with power
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Starts working immediately once you activate it
  • Has a quick recovery time once you open the safe door
  • It is maintenance free and requires no filters, refills, or batteries
  • Constructed with fire retardant materials and operates on 13 watts of power, making it energy efficient as well
  • Simple to use when placed in the safe while operating with power – the only problem you may have is the cables running from the safe


Best Dehumidifier Rod

Another preferred dehumidifier is the rod style; however, you must remember to find a suitable opening on the back of your safe’s external walls. Most of the best gun safes provide tiny slits on the back or the bottom to use the wiring of the rod, as it requires constant power. Bolt it to the side or surface and connect it to a power source.

GoldenRod Dehumidifier

GoldenRod GunSaver Dehumidifier
GoldenRod GunSaver Dehumidifier
GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier
GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier

Known as a heating rod the GoldenRod GunSaver  and GoldenRod Original dehumidifier is one of the best means of preventing moist and rust found in confined areas such as your safe and ideal for keeping those guns working at all times. These two units come with different guarantees and is completely maintenance free with no moving parts. However, this one works differently when compared to most other units as it warms the air by removing water. The rods designed with a heating element found in the glass tubing and insulated with Vermiculite that is a natural occurring mineral. With the Vermiculite, it makes sure that the heat distributes evenly throughout the rod. These rods are available in different models and sizes that range from 12-inches with effective dehumidifying for up to 100 cubic feet, 18-inches, 24-inches, and 36-inches delivers up to 500 cubic feet dehumidify with very little difference in the structure only the length.

Benefits, Features, and Specifications

  • The GoldenRod drops the humidity between 50 – 70 %
  • Even while it is warm you are still able to touch it
  • They are maintenance free and great for using in humid areas from your boat to your home
  • Covers different cubic meters from 100 – 500 cubic feet
  • With the GoldenRod GunSaver, you receive a 1-year warranty as it has a cheaper element while the Original presents you with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Operates with 120 volt/8watt power

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Checkout Discounts on GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier

Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod

Lockdown Dehumidfier Rod
Lockdown Dehumidfier Rod

Another electronic dehumidifier is the Lockdown Rod. This rod is available in different sizes made for different safes and uses. It circulates warm air, keeping humidity and condensation away. You receive a mounting bracket to secure it to your gun safe on the inside. The plug is unattached and you can cut the length of the wire if needed.

Benefits, Features, and Specifications

  • The Lockdown rod is another great gun safe dehumidifier compared to the GoldenRod and releases only the required heat to keep things dry
  • The rod comes in two different lengths 12-inches protects 100 cubic feet and operates with 110V/8 watts, 18-inches protects 200 cubic feet and operates with 110V/12 watts
  • The rod does not come in the way as it is placed low on the surface of the safe
  • Affordably priced
  • Takes less than 10-minutes to install and includes mounting hardware
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Can get too hot to touch so take care when switched on


Silica Gel Dehumidifier

If you are looking for products that require lifetime use, no electrical use or need of making holes the silica gel dehumidifier is a great choice. They are reusable and one does not need to replace parts on them. You can buy them in different sizes. They are normally made of steel and filled with a silica gel that pulls the moisture of the surrounding air.

Cannon Silica Gel SGD57

Cannon Safe SGD57 Silica Gel Dehumidifier
Cannon Safe SGD57 Silica Gel Dehumidifier

The Cannon silica gel is reusable and weighs 1-pound. It requires no electricity, made of steel and filled with a silica base gel. This gel pulls the moisture of the surrounding air when placed in a gun safe. On the top of the dehumidifier, it has a viewing window showing you the use of the gel and once it turns pink you know that it is full. You reactivate it by drying it in an oven at 335° F for at least three hours and very useful. It provides you with a 57 cubic foot area and a bigger safe may require more than one of this dehumidifier’s.

Benefits, Features, and Specifications

  • Easy to see when it needs to be reactivated as the color of gel changes pink
  • Helps to prevent condensation and stops mildew, spoilage, rust, and corrosion
  • Dimensions: 7 x 6.5 x 5.5-inches and provides protection up to 57 cubic feet
  • The unit is non-toxic and requires no batteries or electrical power to operate
  • Reactivation is done by placing it in the over to revive the gel
  • 1-year warranty and provides a lifetime protection


Lockdown 750 grams

Lockdown Silica Gel
Lockdown Silica Gel

Using a Lockdown silica gel solution is a cheaper option to keep your safe free from moisture. It has a paper moisture indicator that helps to show you when it is time to revive it. The provided window shows you when the crystals change color and helps you to know when it is time to bake it. It works great as it absorbs the moisture from the air.

Benefits, Features, and Specifications

  • Provides up to 57 cubic feet of protection
  • It absorbs the moisture from the air, keeping items dry
  • Easy to use and recharge by placing it in the oven
  • The canister is made from steel and durable with vents
  • The gel changes color when fully saturated
  • Provides years of use


Dry-Packs 750 Gram Silica Gel Canister

Dry-Packs 750 Gram Silica Gel Canister Dehumidifier
Dry-Packs 750 Gram Silica Gel Canister Dehumidifier

For a large silica gel, dehumidifier Dry-Packs presents you with a 750-gram canister that is portable, sturdy and requires no electrical power. The silica gel is orange and the canisters made from aluminum making reactivation easy. They are versatile to use with a lifetime of use in camping gear, shoes, toolboxes, coin collections and most important one of the best gun safe dehumidifier’s available in silica gel form. It has a built-in indicator showing you when it is time to reactivate – as the orange gel turns to a dark green. Reactivation is done in the oven and you receive instructions with the unit. They are 100% toxin free as they do not contain cobalt chloride linked to possible carcinogenic to humans.

Benefits, Features, and Specifications

  • Requires no electrical cord, batteries and available in 750 grams
  • Has an indicator and cobalt chloride free
  • You can find orange moisture indication in the lid that turns dark green when in need of reactivation
  • Use it anywhere around the home
  • Provides years of use


Bringing to a close

With this best gun safe dehumidifier’s no matter which one you choose – make sure that the one you choose provides enough coverage and performance when used. All of these will provide your gun safe with the protection needed in keeping it moist free. If you choose the rod dehumidifier there is no need of remembering to reactivate, or recharge it. However, if you have a power outlet problem the wireless and silica gel options are great and only require you to remember to look at the color of the gel or crystals. Keep your prized possession moisture free with our selection – choosing one is up to you – make sure you make the right decision.