Corner Gun Cabinet Safes that Fits In Your Place



When you look at corner gun cabinet safes they are high in demand by many users, but the options available are few. In addition, as you are a weapon owner it comes with great dependability in keeping it out of prying hands. However, you still want to keep your firearms on display and this is where the corner gun cabinet comes in handy. Here we have two of the best corner gun safes that will work well in limited space to keep your guns out on display and safe.

Corner Gun Safes

The Supreme 12 Country Furniture Corner Gun Cabinet

Supreme 12 - gun Hickory Cabinet
Supreme 12 – gun Hickory Cabinet

The Supreme 12 corner gun cabinet safes made from solid hardwood and have the perfect design to fit into any corner of your home. Not only does it fit into corners, it will fit in with any furniture décor and become the centerpiece of attention.

Country Furniture handcrafted the Supreme 12 with solid Hickory wood and has an exceptional design that measures 32 x 45 x 76-inches. When looking at safety it will not actually keep out burglars but more of a display item. It will look great in your study, trophy room, or den. It has a natural look, finished with a semi-gloss lacquer, and has ample space for 12 rifles or your shotguns.

The base rotates and has glass on all three the sides and for display, it has interior lighting. For keeping, your firearms scratch free it has felt-edged slots to secure the butt stocks of your firearms. It also has 6 peg-style pistol holders.

For added space, it has two dovetailed maple pullout drawers found underneath the display cabinet. It slides out with ease as it has compound-action rails. This is ideal for storing all your hunting accessories. It has key locks on the doors with antique brass-toned hinges and weighs 200 lbs.

Features of the Corner Gun Cabinet

  • The Supreme 12 has a natural look with a lucid, shielding, semi-gloss lacquer finish,
  • It has a hefty rotating turntable that secures 12 rifles or shotguns with protecting, felt-edged slots to secure the gun butt stocks,
  • Additionally, it has 6 peg-style pistol holders,
  • It also has ⅛-inch thick, double strengthened, imprinted glass on the raised panel doors,
  • It uses a 40-watt candelabra bulb with a buried, 3-stage interior touch light and you receive the bulb included,
  • The pull out drawers is dovetailed and made from solid maple with smooth-operating, compound-action rails,
  • It has old-fashioned brass-tone hinges,
  • The doors can lock,
  • The corner gun cabinet measures 32-inches from the corner, and is 45 x 28 x 76-inches and weighs 200 lbs,
  • With the Hickory hardwood, it is made to last a lifetime

What’s to like : Made with quality wood, ample space for storing rifles, shotguns, and your pistols. It looks great when displaying your firearms

What’s not to like : It is only a display cabinet to keep your weapons on display and does not keep it safe.


The Homak HS30136010 Corner Gun Safe


Compared to the Supreme 12 the Homak HS30136010 is a corner gun safe and not a display cabinet. It weighs a hefty 100.2 pounds and you will need someone to help you when this baby arrives at your door. It measures 33.8 x 24.2 x 57-inches.

Included in the package you receive all the needed accessories to get this safe secured. There are pre-cut sheets of adhesive backed foam to keep your firearms scratch free with plastic clips for the rifles to stand secure in the safe. The doohickeys attach to the rail with adhesive backing. You can buy these corner gun cabinets in different sizes but this one holds up to 10 guns.

It includes three plastic trays on the interior of the door to keep your ammo. On the back of the safe wall there, three metal shelves that you can perhaps remove to add more space for your rifles or shotgun. It comes pre-holed to secure the safe to the floor and the wall.

For keeping the door secure, it has two locks with each one having a main lug with four lock extension points.

Features of the Corner Gun Safe


  • Homak HS30136010 is a corner gun safe to keep your firearms and other valuables safe,
  • It’s made from solid cold steel,
  • It has a storage capacity of 15.77 cubic feet and measures 33.8 x 24.2 x 57-inches,
  • It weighs 100.2 pounds,
  • It has a full-length piano hinge found on the door with a two-lock system,
  • On the inside of the door, you have three plastic trays while the back of the safe gives your 3 metal shelves,
  • You can place up to 10 guns in the safe and may want to remove the shelving for added space if you have more than one rifle, and
  • You received the included hardware to secure the safe to the wall and floor and comes with pre-cut foam and pre-drilled holes

What’s to like : It has an affordable price. It has ample space to keep rifles, shotgun, and pistols. The two plastic drawers and shelves are great for keeping your ammo in one place. And it has a two-lock system.


Final Thoughts

When looking at our selected corner gun cabinet safes you will see, they are great for keeping your weapons on display and secure out of the unwanted hands. They are not suitable to keep your weapons completely secure when burglars do happen to pay you a visit. They are affordable and made from durable material. however, if you do need a gun safe that keeps your firearms secure from burglars, water and fire take a look at the rest of our collection available here!