Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22 Fully Convertible Security Gun Safe Review

Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22 Fully Convertible Security Gun Safe Review
Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22 Fully Convertible Security Gun Safe Review

You are the owner of a collection of weapons – do you have it safely stored away? Maybe you do, however, if you do not, this Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22 fully convertible security gun safe reviews aimed at you. It is important to keep your firearms safe out of children’s hands and out of the hands of burglars as well – or you may be in great trouble with the law.

You may have a hiding place in your home, but how secure is it? Rather, spend a little more and improve your security in your home today. I, personally, invested in this gun safe. My gun collections growing and the SS-22-MB-E 22 allow enough space for all my weapons.


What Makes the SS-22-MB-E 22 So Great?

The SS-22-MB-E is a long gun safe that you can easily store different guns and ammo to keep them secure. Please do note that this security safe is not waterproof or fireproof, but still has some great features. Store up to 22 long guns in this safe as the bolting systems solid and designed with an electronic drill-resistant lock.

The nice thing about this security safe is that, it is customizable for storing up to 54-inches tall rifles or shotguns. Alternatively, you can also use it as shelving storage for your ammo or other important items with the included four shelves. This is a CA Department approved safe and meets all the standards as per the firearm safety Penal Code 12088.

This one has a factory installed adjustable shelving and carpeting for protecting your firearms. In the center of the door, a steel handle retracts to the action locking bolts. Weighs 265lbs and has pre-drilled holes at the bottom and you can easily fix it to the floor with the included hardware.

However, you still need some help from the family to move it into place. The interior of the safe has long gun barrel rests with standoffs that are perfect for protecting and storing your scoped rifles. One characteristic that I just love is the doors as it swings fully open without constraint from the hinges giving you full access to remove or place content.

Security Wise

Stack-On SS-22-MB-E has a 2-way locking system with a 1-inch steel live action locking bolts. It also has up to 6 locking points and the hinges, concealed has hinge site steel dead bolts. As this is an electronic lock combination it has an electronic pad with 0 – 9 numerical buttons. You can create an 8-digit passcode to save in its memory.

You also receive two master keys so there is no stressing if you happen to forget your passcode.

Unique Features

  • You can easily convert this safe to accommodate your needs with the included shelving,
  • Designed with a two-way locking system, 6 locking points, a 1-inch steel live action locking bolt, and the hinges are concealed,
  • The barrel rests are adjustable and extend to add depth where needed,
  • You can easily place up to 22 rifles or shotguns in it with your firearms and ammo,
  • The exterior has an epoxy black finish with an electronic lock on the door with operating lights, battery warning, and warnings if you pressed in your code incorrectly,
  • The interiors, fully carpeted,
  • The exterior measures 26-13/16-inches W (68cm), 17-5/8-inches D (44.8cm), 55-inches H (140cm). The interior measures 26.61-inches W, 14.83-inches D, 54.96-inches H, and
  • You receive a three-year limited warranty


Stack-On SS-22-MB-E Review


When it comes to the Stack-On SS-22-MB-E Review from different clients, many of them are pleased with the product. It is an affordable gun safe. They are pleased with the ample storage it provides. Some had minor complaints with the electronics that you can expect in most brands when it comes to the electronic locks.

Pros and Cons Related to the Stack-On SS-22-MB-E


  • For protecting your complete collection of weapons, it is an affordable security safe,
  • Provides you with ample storage,
  • The hardened steel plate and the fact that it is drill resistant is great, and
  • The door that opens wide is superb, as you do not find this is many other brands when using concealed hinges.


  • The only concern is the electronic lock that malfunctions over time but is known to happen in many other brands on the market as well and not only with Stack-On.

Final Thoughts

I have had my Stack-On SS-22-MB-E 22 convertible security gun safe for a year now without any hassles. It is still and affordable buy if you need to keep your weapon collection safe. The electronic lock is great, as you cannot drill through it. The exterior of the safes made from thick steel and you can store different items safely in it. So if you need to keep your prized possessions safe make sure to check.


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