Stack-On PDS-1500 Gun Safe Review

Stack On PDS 1500 Review
Stack On PDS 1500 Review

While searching to find a great gun safe it amazes one how many different sizes and shapes of weapon safes there are available to choose – making your choice a difficult one. Recently, I bought myself the Stack-On PDS-1500 gun safe for a good reason – it is California approved when it comes to Firearm Safety Devices meeting all requirements of the Penal Code section 23655 regulations.

Not only does it carries the requirements but has many other important features and benefits that may be right for you as well.


Why You Need This Safe

The first and most important reason why you need the PDS-1500 is the same reason I bought it – and that is keeping your handgun or other valuable safe. However, there are many other reasons as well and with my personal experience using this safe I am going to give you some superb reasons.

Firstly, the Stack-On PDS-1500 is well constructed and the steel doors are sturdy offering you ultimate security to keep small hands out of it. It can house more than just one handgun and we have both our .22 and .380 inside it.

Furthermore, the complete unit comes with concealed hinges adding a second layer of security. The design of the gun safes superb and comes with 2 pre-drilled holes found at the back to fix it to your drawer next to your bed.

The electronic safe works with 4 AA batteries that are included making it cost effective when used as the batteries last for a few months.

Stack On PDS 1500
Stack On PDS 1500

Observing the safe for the first time

The door of the PDS-1500 is made of thick steel and you can see the quality and time taken in making the safe. The first time you will need to open the safe with the included key to install the batteries and found on the interior of the safe. You receive a detailed manual with simple instructions that are easy to follow. Battery low indications presented with the yellow light as it flashes.

Entering the code is just as easy as fitting the batteries by pressing a reset button found on the back door. The door remains open during entering your code. Keep it open until the codes registered before closing. And more important if you want the safe door to close properly you need to make sure that the knobs turned completely to the 12:00 position for the locking mechanism to lock so do not chase it or you may find that the safe did not lock.

The keypad makes a beeping sound and you can turn it on/off manually.

Benefits, Features, And Specifications

Stack On PDS Review
Stack On PDS Review
  • The PDS-1500 is a drawer designed safe,
  • Designed with solid steel construction and the door is pry-resistant concealed with hinges and a 2 steel live action locking bolt system,
  • California approved Firearm Safety regulated,
  • The electronic lock has a large button keypad and you can personalize it with 3 – 8 digit security coding – it also has added security features if you enter the code three times incorrectly resulting in a 20-second lockout, followed by a 5-minute lockout if the codes entered incorrectly for more than 3 times,
  • The keypad tone can be switched off manually and offers you silent mode entry,
  • Designed with a low battery warning system and includes two backup keys with mounting hardware,
  • The size is perfect for a night stand with dimensions 4.38 x 11.81 x 8.63-inches weighing 13.1 lbs,
  • The interior is soft with foam padding for protecting valuable, and
  • You receive a 3-year user warranty.

Customer Stack-On PDS-1500 Reviews

Before finally deciding to buy the electronic safe, I had researched some of the available Stack-On PDS-1500 reviews available from Amazon – as I bought the product through them. Customers have positive reviews when talking about this gun safe as a reliable, solid construction, and easy to use. You may even see video clips of people opening their safe with a paperclip and many have tried it to find that there’s no way it opens no matter how hard you try.

Pros & Cons while using the PDS-1500

Primarily I must add before writing the Stack-On PDS-1500 Gun Safe Review I even tried opening my safe with a paperclip and must tell you I have not broken into it after numerous tries.


  • Keeps both my valuable and handgun safe
  • Has a great warranty period
  • The constructions great offering longevity
  • The design and colors superb
  • Fits comfortably in my night stand and all depend on the type of night stand you have
  • Opens quickly for access to your gun


The only thing that I would complain about is the keyboard and front cover made of plastic and will wear out with time.

My Final Word

If you are looking for a firearm safe that can keep your handgun and valuable safe I recommend the PDS-1500 as a durable and easy to use safely. I hope that the provided Stack-On PDS-1500 review helps you to make an informative decision when the time comes to buy a great gun safe. Safety comes first, especially if you have small ones in the home – THINK GUN SAFETY!


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