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For, finding the best gun safe suitable for your storage needs view our detailed reviews available here on our page. The reviews will answer many questions that you have on your mind when making a gun safe purchase. For quick answers to some of your questions, you can read our FAQ here

F.A.Q about gun safe

Can you store a gun safe in a garage?

Yes, you can but you need to consider the following, use a dehumidifier to keep the air controlled, as the garage may not be climate controlled. Make sure the safes bolted to the floor and wall and oil the metal pieces preventing rust buildup.

Are gun safes airtight?

The majority of gun safes are airtight when you buy a fire- and water-resistant safe. However, other types of gun safe do not give this protection and can still let in moisture. The best is to buy a desiccant to help absorb moisture as well if you are only using something like the Goldenrod.

Are gun safes easy to break into?

It all depends on how much time they have to open the safe and what type of safe you own. Modern and expensive gun safes are extremely difficult to break.

Do gun safes prevent theft?

Yes, the gun safe can prevent theft, but only preventive to a certain point. When thieves break into your home they want to steal the valuable items like jewelry and currency and want to escape as quickly as possible. That’s not possible when you have a safe as breaking into the safe is not an easy job. This in turn prevents theft from taking place.

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