Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe Review

Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe
Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe

Free will is balanced by conscientious! Nowhere is this clearer than within a population of firearm owners. As a gun owner, one needs to learn to be cautious while at the shooting range and at home. You need to learn safety rules and responsibility when handling a weapon, especially around children.

With the Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe in your home, it deals with two major dilemmas that all firearm owners face: easy to get to emergency right to use and safe storage space for your firearm at all times. TODAY, you will see what makes this gun safe one of the best gun storage providers available on the market! Here is my personal review of the Hornady Rapid Safe:


Why You Need This Gun Safe

The Hornady Rapid Safe metal designed lock box securely holds a single firearm stowed away for ease of access during emergencies. One can use this gun safe anywhere, but more likely to be placed beside your bed.

The gun safes packed with features and one that stands out the most is the rapid entry via the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) emitter. The gun safes constructed with 16-gauge steel with a high-quality finish making the lock box look and feel nice.

When holding the Rapid gun safe in your hand, it is on the heavy side and weighs 16 lbs when placed on our shipping scale. The interior has enough foam padding to store your pistol in the built-in metal sleeve. Moreover, the great thing about this gun safe is the fact that once you open the door it presents you with your pistol and great in emergencies.

No matter how many times you open this gun safe your pistols presented to you in the same way without the pistol moving around and opens with a pair of gas struts. The only thing that you may find is that it will take up some room when placed on a nightstand.

Security Wise

When comparing the Hornady Security Rapid gun safe to other brands out there, it exceeds the ASTM International standards and approved by the state of California.

Getting Right of Entry

One can get right of entry to the Rapid in three ways: a built-in electronic keypad, mechanical key, or RFID entry. For the fastest entry, RFID works the best as here at home, we have tried all of them. The keypad comes second while using the metal key is a bit on the slow side and great if not pressured for time. The RFID keys one can program and you receive one credit card-sized keycard, one key fob, and 3 rubber wristbands.

Wearing the wristband is something that you need to get used to and while wearing does not pinch you. I wear mine while sleeping and the RFID keys all work perfectly once programmed. The lock box has a two-memory slot design and you can only use two of the keys at any given time.

While the other problem is that, you will not be able to open the lock box with two bracelets and the key fob at the same time. The Hornady Rapid Safe comes with a standard entry code that you can easily change.

Benefits, Specifications, And Features of The Rapid Safe

  • The Rapid gun safe is a combination safe with a preset code that you can easily change, and works with power – meaning that the safe always needs to be powered,
  • The firearm safe includes 5 different RFID tags such as 3 by bracelets, one by key fob, and one by key card. It stores up to two different tags at a time and you can only program two tags to use, but the other tags can be circulated,
  • Your gun safe can be operated without power and runs on the built-in battery power (AA batteries) and offers you with different light warnings that you can see in the manual provided here,
  • While the system is on there is a backlit reader and switches off when the system times out after a couple of seconds, or when the battery is low, but can be manually turned off as well,
  • The Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safes designed for both right/left handed people and you can reserve it to any position needed,
  • The design of the gun safes versatile and accommodates most 4-inch barreled revolvers and 5-inch pistols,
  • You receive included with your lock box a security cable, power supply cord & 220V adapter, 3 RFID bracelet tags, 1 RFID card tag, 1 RFID key fob tag, 2 circular keys, warranty card, owner’s manual, and the Hornady Decal Magnet,
  • It comes with a limited warranty for a year, and
  • The safes made from thick 16-gauge steel weighs 16 lbs and have a dimension of 15.5” x 9” x 3.5-inches.

Customer Feedback

Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe Review 1
Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe Review

When you need a little bit more than just my word, you can read some interesting Hornady Security Rapid gun safe reviews online. One of these is Amazon, and customers have provided excellent feedback related to this safe. Customers have unbiased feelings when buying the gun safe as many have said that their gun was stuck in the safe. Others are pleased with the product and work as advertised.

Pros & Cons While Using The Hornady Rapid Safe


  • The gun safes sturdy and well built
  • The instruction manuals easy to understand,
  • The backlit keys are great as it lightens up as soon as you touch the keypad,
  • When pressing the keys, it does not have a beeping sound and is great,
  • They include different ways of opening the gun safe, so if there is a problem with either one of the options should work,
  • The mechanical locks concealed and needs prying open, and
  • Accessing the gun safe is quite fast at times.


All complaints here are problems that I have not personally had while working with the gun safe:

  • The gun got stuck in the safe and it was a present with a typical 30-day return window,
  • Complaints about the control panel made out of fragile plastic,
  • Sometimes takes a while to open and close

Final Thoughts

While using the Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe it has worked flawlessly. The way of entry is fast and all the available RFID options are great and much better than using your fingerprint. The design is sturdy and while some say they can open it with a paper clip will have to see if my toddlers are intelligent enough to try it! It stands by my bedside and I have even taken it with me in my car!


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