Gun Safe Door Organizers to Keep Your Gun Safe Clutter Free


Do you want to keep your gun safe organized? You do then the best solution is a gun safe door organizer to keep your gun safe clutter free. No one wants their safe to be full of clutter as this causes one major problem and that is finding your pistol in between the rest of all the other items in your gun safe in an emergency.

Safe door organizers are great inventions as it keeps the most important item that’s your gun accessible, damage free, and scratch free. You can even use it for keeping your smaller valuable organized giving you more space for future handguns you may buy.

You may find that some safes, even come with a gun safe door panel organizer, however, if your one did not include one you can find one with us to fit in with all your requirements.

Gun Safe Door Organizer for Large Safes

American Security Model 24 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kit

American Security Model 24 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kit
American Security Model 24 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kit

The American Security Model 24 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kits designed for large safe doors. You can, however, buy them with different pocket holders such as a 19 or this 24 one. You place it in the door of your safe and equipped with see-through pouches and zippered pockets. It has two rows of holders for storing ammo, choke tubes, and a small flashlight.

It gives you two full-width pistol storage systems that accommodate different firearms and includes 4 holsters for your pistols. You can buy additional handgun holsters to add to this door organizer kit. It accommodates two guns and has a quick release band with Velcro straps to fit different sized doors.

You receive mounting brackets included with this product to mount it to a dry wall door panel and steel doors. The organizer weighs 3 pounds and measures 3 x 28 x 60-inches. It has a maximum door panel height and width from 62-inches (H) to 64-inches (H) and 30 ½ -inches (W) to 24-inches (W).


  • The American 24 premium door organizer has many see-through pouches and zippered pockets to store your valuables,
  • It has two rows of holsters to keep ammo, choke tubes, and small flashlights neatly packed away,
  • There are two full-width pistol storage arrangements to house your handguns and you can buy added holster for this organizer,
  • It has a long storage structure to accommodate two guns and has an AMSEC hassle-free quick release band,
  • With the Velcro bands, you can customize it to fit most large safe doors,
  • You receive mounting hardware to mount the organizer to steel and dry wall doors, and
  • It weighs 3 pounds and measures 3 x 28 x 60-inches

Advantage : Can store two rifles in the organizer, comes with different sized clips, has see-through pockets, and has many different pocket sizes to store different valuables in

Disadvantage : There are extensions available, but you need to buy them separately, the holster is positioned for only right-hand people, using the rifle storage prevents access to some of the other pockets

Gun Safe Door Organizer for Medium Sized Safes

Liberty Door Panel Organizer Accessory Model 12 for Gun Safes

Liberty Safe and Security 10583 12 Gun Safe Door Panel
Liberty Safe and Security 10583 12 Gun Safe Door Panel

As you need, a perfect fit when it comes to gun safe door organizers the Liberty Model 12 door panel organizers suitable for medium sized safes. It comes equipped with three holsters for your pistols to keep them on hand. It has zip pockets, expandable slots, cool pockets, and choke tube holders.

The cool pockets great to keep your documents in as it’s fireproof up to 50°. You can attach it to most interior safe doors that are ⅝-inch thick and use 6 clips to attach it. It has a sturdy design that can hold up to 70 pounds and measures 10 (W) x 49-inches (H). It fits perfectly to any safe door that is 12-inches to 16-inches wide.


  • The Liberty door panel organizer has three quick draw holster, mesh pocket, cool pocket, and document pockets,
  • The actual door size is 10 (w) x 49-inches (h),
  • It fits onto any safe door panel that measures 12 – 16-inches wide, and
  • It has an easy clip system and holds up to 70-pound weight

Advantage : It has a cool fireproof pocket, it’s easy to install, it has hooks to install on all sides, you can install pistols in the organizer, and you can store your pistol and holster in it depending on the size of the holster

Disadvantage : Only has elastic bands for storing magazines and not actual holsters and care needs taken with the hooks, as they do not fit on any safe door.

Stack on Gun Safe Door Organizer for Long-Gun Cabinets

Stack-On SPAO-148 Small Fabric Organizer for Stack-On Long-Gun Cabinet

Stack-On SPAO-148 Small Fabric Organizer for Stack-On Long-Gun Cabinets
Stack-On SPAO-148 Small Fabric Organizer for Stack-On Long-Gun Cabinets

If you want one of the best gun safe door panel organizers for your long-gun, cabinet the Stack-On SPAO-148 is the one to have. The organizers sized to fit the Stack-On gun safes and you mount it to the inside of the door. You have mesh pockets at the top that you can section off into smaller compartments. You receive included a belt strap to hang walkie-talkies and knives.

At the bottom, there is a large pocket to keep larger valuables stored away. The item weighs 8.8-ounces and measures 9.6 x 9 x 1.4-inches and suitable for a 12 gun safe and fastens to the door with Velcro strips.


  • The gun safe door panel organizer mounts to the inside of your 12 gun Stack-On safe,
  • It has mesh pockets to keep smaller items in,
  • It comes with a storage belt for knives and walkie-talkies,
  • It straps to the door with Velcro strips, and
  • It weighs 8.8 ounces and measures 9.6 x 9 x 1.4-inches

Advantages : The Velcro strips are great, but you need to take care to not load it with too much weight – the mesh material is strong and is great as you can see what’s in the pockets, and it fits into a 8 gun safe as well

Disadvantages : The pockets could have been wider.

Safe Door Organizer for Carpeted Interior Doors

Acorn Velcro Pistol Holsters

Acorn Pistol Holsters - 5 pack for Gun Safe
Acorn Pistol Holsters – 5 pack for Gun Safe

The Acorn Velcro is not a hanging organizer, but consists of five Velcro pistol holders. If you have a carpeted interior door these will work well as the holsters will hold your handgun neatly on it while attached to the door. This gives you a neat and tidy look when opening your gun safe for ease of reach when in need of your pistol.

Therefore, if you are the owner of more than one handgun these work perfectly to keep them organized together.


  • The Acorn pistol holster attaches to the interior of a carpeted safe door with Velcro,
  • You receive five holsters to keep your weapons securely in the safe door and prevents it from being damaged, and
  • It attaches with a hook and loop

Advantages : The holsters accommodate most sized pistols, some customers have even used two to keep an AR-15 rifle at the door, can use it in your Stack-On 14 convertible gun safe

Disadvantages : You need to make sure, how you arrange your handguns as it could prevent the door from closing.

Final Thoughts

When you need to buy a Gun Safe Door Organizer, you can buy many different brands online. The most important thing that you need to check is the measurements inside your door safe before buying one. The models available here present you with additional extensions and are adaptable to fit into different sized safe doors. They are durable and help you to keep your gun safe clutter free.

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