3 Different Types of Safe Locks for Best Security


You are a gun owner and common knowledge is you own a handgun safe (or at least you should!) The primary function of the safe is to keep valuable out of harm’s way. Moreover, with security comes the thickness of the material used, fire & flood protection, mounting, and most important the lock.

The security safe can have the thickest steel, but without the lock the units useless. These safe locks are unique with notched tumblers, biometric fingerprint systems, multiple levers, and re-lockers. They keep the safe closed and secure preventing entry from unwanted hands.

However, which lock should you choose when buying a gun safe a biometric, combination or electronic lock? Here we are going to take an in-depth look at the different types of safe locks, making your choice a bit easier.

Biometric Safe Lock

Choosing a biometric safe lock provides you access by using your fingerprints. The unit has a scanner and you store your fingerprint on it. These types of locking devices are popular in handgun safes and certain large safes.

They are great for quick entry as all you need is your fingerprint swiped over the scanner. The great thing is with the combination of a biometric and electronic locking system you have greater security. biometric safe locks can store up to 50 different fingerprints simultaneously.

This is a great feature to have as more than one family member gets access to the safe. Further, some safes use card readers and replace the fingerprint system. However, as with any system, there is the positive and negative side of using them.


  • There is no concern about the keys getting lost
  • No need of changing the locking system
  • There are no keys one can duplicate
  • One cannot lockpick it


  • Can produce a false reading, but keeping the scanner clean after use helps
  • Expensive compared to traditional key locking systems
  • if safe lock is using voice and eye recognition technology, it changes as one gets older

Combination Lock Safe

This type of weapon safe may look like old school but when it comes to reliability, they are the best. They have been around for ages and you can still find certain models available with this type of locking system. Time to time gun safe maintenance is important but the great thing is combination safe lock need no maintenance and functions as a mechanical dial. All it needs is routine checks by a locksmith and it will last forever.


  • No maintenance needed
  • No need of using a key
  • No worries about a key getting lost
  • Only need to remember the combination


  • Entry to the gun safe is slower. if you’re looking for a quick access gun safe, this is not for you.
  • Depending on the combination number could be difficult to remember
  • Changing the combination needs the help of a locksmith


Electronic Lock Safe

For a popular safe lock, you can look at the electronic one. The locking system gives you access by entering a combination of up to 6 numbers on the keypad. There are times that the keypad does not even have to be on the safe. If you look at the S&G 6120 model, you can place the keypad up to ten feet away.

You can use, configurable modes for different users to get access, each with their own code. Some units have lockout threshold, duress mode, and time locking. You can synchronize this lock with surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and motion sensors.

Keeping the safe maintained is not difficult and you need to change out the combination on a monthly basis and keep the keypad clean.


  • Pick-proof as there are no holes
  • No need of carrying keys around
  • More than one person can get access to the safe


  • Maintenance as you need to keep checking the battery
  • Memory loss not remembering the code
  • Can short circuit
  • Need to keep the keypad clean

Final Thoughts

As you can see, each safe lock has its benefits and disadvantages. Choosing the correct gun safe all depends on your lifestyle and needs. The Biometric Safe is perfect if you need quick access to a gun safe, while the combination lock may be slow but is durable and been around for centuries. The electronic lock is perfect if you can remember codes and gives access to more than one family member.



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