Best Places to Store a Gun Safe

The trickiest part for any firearm owner is where the best place is to store their gun safe in the home. This important piece of equipment helps keep different items safe such as money and most importantly your firearm.

This is where safety and security plays an important part. You need to find a spot to keep it safe, maintained, easy to access and secure at the same time. The important thing is different factors determine the best location as using an small size home gun safes and handgun safes needs to be secured and easily accessible. While a gun cabinets needs to be secure and unbreakable.

Other things to consider are theft, fires, and water damage. We will discuss each one here in detail to help you determine the best place to mount your gun storage safe.

Theft Prevention

Thief Safety Gun Safe

Here you need to look around your home where the least likely place is to find your gun safe. Think where burglars normally go the study, garage, or main bedroom. Other places they inspect are the family or living room. These are popular gathering places for the family and close to the back and front door. These rooms are visible from the front and the back of the home.

One of the main places they like to look is the garage as it is an easy target. Every time you open your garage, door people are able to view it from the road seeing everything displayed in there. If you do decide, the garage is the best place, makes sure to bolt the weapon safe down.

If you do have a basement, this is likely the best place to mount the safe or you can store it in the closet in your room if it’s a small safe.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety of Gun Safe

Preventing fire damage is difficult, but can happen and best not to place the gun safe, close to the kitchen or a fireplace. Prevent placing it above or below the kitchen area as it is at risk of water damage when putting out fires.

The other recommendation is to buy a fire and waterproof rated safe to prevent damage of important items stored in it. You may think to mount it in the garage and best not to as the security safes exposed to different chemicals such as petrol, paint thinners and more.

The best place is an area with a concrete slab or the 1st floor in a home, depending on the design of the home. We, recommend away from sources of fires such as the kitchen.

Humidity/Water Damage Prevention

Water Safety

One of the elements of nature that wreck havoc in a gun safe is humidity and water. The best location is in the basement, as you can secure it in place and it has a concrete slab. The important thing is to make sure the humidity is not too high.

Here you can use dehumidifiers to help reduce dampness that causes damage to documents and weapons. If you know, the basement is prone to flooding, rather places the security safe on the 1st floor, and depends on the weight of the firearm safe.

Securing a Small Handgun Safe

If you own a small handgun safe, the likeliness is that it is not as secure as your big security safes. They need to be out of sight and there are many options available to secure it. You can buy a hidden gun safe, closet gun safe, and corner gun safe.

Here you need to consider if you want a wall or floor safe. Choosing a floor one is secure and you can easily conceal it against theft. A home with small children needs extra care and best to place the pistol safe as high as possible. Always make sure to bolt the gun safe down, as they are portable enough to carry away.

Further, make sure to block mounting holes on the weapon safe that you do not use. This prevents a person from poking around with the loaded latches and the locking mechanisms.

Examples of Gun Safes

There are many ways you can hide a gun safe by placing items in front of it to conceal the unit. This makes it more difficult for people to find and takes longer to open. Make sure that the pistol safes easy to access when needed.

Hidden Gun Safes

There are different hidden gun safes available you can buy a book gun safe and horizontal wooden chest gun safe. The book pistol safe is a hollowed out book that you can place in between other books. No one will expect there is a firearm in the book unless he or she has the time to go through all the books available in the bookstand.

Another superb option is the horizontal wooden chest gun safe. They are great for keeping long guns out of sight. You can even use an old filing cabinet with a lock and place labels on them such as Tax Returns, Filing and more.

You can use old chests, fridges, large furniture pieces with false bottoms to hide your weapons.

Corner Gun Safe

The corner gun safe is a good looking option to keep firearms out of unwanted hands. These are like gun cabinets, strong and sturdy, you can place them in any corner of your home, in a hall or bedroom. Here you can look at the Homak HS301336010 corner unit. This safe does not display your weapons as in the majority of other wooden corner safes.

The interior has three plastic trays on the inside of the door for ammo while the back of the safe has 3 shelves that you can remove for added space. You can easily keep up to 10 guns in it.

Under Bed Gun Safe

For a great investment to keep your firearm secure the under bed gun safe is a great investment. They are not too big and you can easily place them under the bed and easy to access. The majority of these safes come equipped with electronic or biometric locking systems for quick entry. They are great to have you don’t need to worry about keys in emergency situation.

Under the bed safes are specially designed for quick access in emergency situation. This type of safe may not prevent theft, protect it from fire or water damage but is useful to keep your firearm away from unwanted hands.

Final Thoughts

Whether you own an armory or one pistol, you need to keep it locked. With the above mentioned-gun safes, you can find different ways to secure your firearms. Choose a safe, according to your lifestyle and needs and prevent disasters from happening.


How to maintain a gun safe ? Gun Safe Maintenance Tips


As with any appliance in the home, the gun safe needs maintaining to protect your valuables from damage and theft. When you take care of it, the unit can last for decades, add worth to your items, and gun collection.

Depending on where the safes standing dust and dirt can still, cover it. Once dust and dirt settle on it cleaning becomes difficult over time. That is why you need to keep it clean and working on a regular basis.

Here are some great tips to keep your handgun safe in tip-top-working-order.

Clean the exterior

Use a non-abrasive cloth, water, and soap to clean the exterior and metal parts such as the hinges, handle, and locking bolts. This is the best way to clean a gun safe with a gloss texture. You can use metal cleaners but it will eventually eat away the non-tarnish coating on the parts.

Make sure to oil the hinges of the door and you need to apply it to the bottom, side, and top of the hinges. Only use a small amount of oil as this prevents the parts from sticking. Imagine yourself in an emergency and the door does not open as it was stuck.

If you have a fireproof safe ensure that, the fire seals are in an excellent condition and if not have, it replaced. For blemishes, you can touch it up with some paint. Try to do these cleaning tips on a monthly basis if you can.

Service the Locking Mechanism

One of the important features of a gun safe is the locking mechanism. You need a lock that works, if it does not you have a useless metal box. Make sure to have the lock inspected by a locksmith at least once a year. If you bought a quality handgun safe, they normally have some type of guarantee.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

The biggest cause of firearm damage is humidity and depends on where you have placed your safe. Here you can invest in the best dehumidifier to prevent moisture from damaging moving parts and your guns. This unique device removes moisture from the surrounding air. Further, they can also cut down on mold, dust, allergens, and many other things.

As you do not open your gun safe regularly, there is no air circulation on the inside. This causes the temperature on the inside to fluctuate and moisture starts to develop. This gives the safe a bad smell and can cause a mold buildup to take place.

There are different dehumidifiers you can buy that serve a great purpose keeping your valuable items working all the time.

Electric Dehumidifier

One can take this expensive step but worthwhile. When placed in the safe it provides constant heat and controls moisture inside the safe. It looks like a rod sometimes known as a “goldenrod” and a heating element helping to evaporate moisture. This device needs a power supply that you must keep plugged in. There is certain gun safe models that provide electric outlets on the inside. If the handgun safe you have does not have one you will have to lead the wires through the door.

Wireless Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier makes use of battery power and you place it on the inside of the safe. It helps to add warm air on the interior, and small & portable. Further, you can place silica gel with it. Some of these devices sometimes have silica gel on the inside and a fan circulates the air while the silica absorbs it. They normally have a ten-year lifespan. The only thing you need to do is change the battery.

Using Silica Gel

You can find silica packets in different product items when shipped. When buying a new gun safe you may find a packet of this gel on the inside. This helps to keep the interior moisture free. They soak up moisture like a sponge and they are affordable to buy. You can even use them anywhere in the home. You only need to change them out after a few months. Some you can even place in an oven to dry them out and are reusable.

Advantages when using Dehumidifiers

  • The dehumidifier is placed on the inside of the gun safe and prevents moisture buildup
  • Prevents damage to documents and your guns
  • Using the silica gel needs no added power supply and is affordable
  • You only need to replace the gel every few months and some are reusable
  • Some dehumidifiers have silica gel in them that helps if battery power does run out

Disadvantages when using Dehumidifiers

  • This depends on the type of dehumidifier you choose as an electric one needs constant power
  • The wires can get in the way and increase your power bill
  • Electric dehumidifiers are expensive
  • The wireless dehumidifier needs battery power and you need to keep checking it

Final Thoughts

If you keep your gun safe maintained and use a dehumidifier it will give you years of use. By checking the hinges and locks, the safe will open when you need it the most. By keeping the exterior clean, it prevents a dust buildup on the hinges and keeps your gun safe looking great. While a dehumidifier keeps the inside of the safe in tip-top condition prevent documents from falling apart or your guns rusting up.


3 Different Types of Safe Locks for Best Security


You are a gun owner and common knowledge is you own a handgun safe (or at least you should!) The primary function of the safe is to keep valuable out of harm’s way. Moreover, with security comes the thickness of the material used, fire & flood protection, mounting, and most important the lock.

The security safe can have the thickest steel, but without the lock the units useless. These safe locks are unique with notched tumblers, biometric fingerprint systems, multiple levers, and re-lockers. They keep the safe closed and secure preventing entry from unwanted hands.

However, which lock should you choose when buying a gun safe a biometric, combination or electronic lock? Here we are going to take an in-depth look at the different types of safe locks, making your choice a bit easier.

Biometric Safe Lock

Choosing a biometric safe lock provides you access by using your fingerprints. The unit has a scanner and you store your fingerprint on it. These types of locking devices are popular in handgun safes and certain large safes.

They are great for quick entry as all you need is your fingerprint swiped over the scanner. The great thing is with the combination of a biometric and electronic locking system you have greater security. biometric safe locks can store up to 50 different fingerprints simultaneously.

This is a great feature to have as more than one family member gets access to the safe. Further, some safes use card readers and replace the fingerprint system. However, as with any system, there is the positive and negative side of using them.


  • There is no concern about the keys getting lost
  • No need of changing the locking system
  • There are no keys one can duplicate
  • One cannot lockpick it


  • Can produce a false reading, but keeping the scanner clean after use helps
  • Expensive compared to traditional key locking systems
  • if safe lock is using voice and eye recognition technology, it changes as one gets older

Combination Lock Safe

This type of weapon safe may look like old school but when it comes to reliability, they are the best. They have been around for ages and you can still find certain models available with this type of locking system. Time to time gun safe maintenance is important but the great thing is combination safe lock need no maintenance and functions as a mechanical dial. All it needs is routine checks by a locksmith and it will last forever.


  • No maintenance needed
  • No need of using a key
  • No worries about a key getting lost
  • Only need to remember the combination


  • Entry to the gun safe is slower. if you’re looking for a quick access gun safe, this is not for you.
  • Depending on the combination number could be difficult to remember
  • Changing the combination needs the help of a locksmith


Electronic Lock Safe

For a popular safe lock, you can look at the electronic one. The locking system gives you access by entering a combination of up to 6 numbers on the keypad. There are times that the keypad does not even have to be on the safe. If you look at the S&G 6120 model, you can place the keypad up to ten feet away.

You can use, configurable modes for different users to get access, each with their own code. Some units have lockout threshold, duress mode, and time locking. You can synchronize this lock with surveillance cameras, alarm systems, and motion sensors.

Keeping the safe maintained is not difficult and you need to change out the combination on a monthly basis and keep the keypad clean.


  • Pick-proof as there are no holes
  • No need of carrying keys around
  • More than one person can get access to the safe


  • Maintenance as you need to keep checking the battery
  • Memory loss not remembering the code
  • Can short circuit
  • Need to keep the keypad clean

Final Thoughts

As you can see, each safe lock has its benefits and disadvantages. Choosing the correct gun safe all depends on your lifestyle and needs. The Biometric Safe is perfect if you need quick access to a gun safe, while the combination lock may be slow but is durable and been around for centuries. The electronic lock is perfect if you can remember codes and gives access to more than one family member.