5 Best Handgun safes

If you are a firearm owner, you need to take responsibility in keeping both your family and your gun secure while at home or on the road. By law, many places require you to keep your firearm locked away securely when home and while traveling. This is where the small gun safe / handgun safes comes in handy and you can find them right here for your convenience. So here’s a list of Best Handgun Safes.

Product NameWeightPrice
Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model # QAP1BE12 poundsCheck Price
Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe 0.08 Cubic Feet QAP1E12.2 poundsCheck Price
SentrySafe Pistol Safe PP1K7.5 poundsCheck Price
The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe7.2 poundsCheck Price
The GunBox 2.06.5 poundsCheck Price

SentrySafe Models:

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model # QAP1BE

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model - QAP1BE
Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model – QAP1BE

The SentrySafe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe QAP1BE may not be practical price wise for all, but still a very reliable small gun safe. This safe, designed for you, if you live in a burglary prone area. The safes designed with a pry-resistant lid with slim modular drawer friendly design that is great for keeping firearms secure. Not only is it great for your firearm, it provides versatility in storing important documents as well. Made from 12-gauge steel and works with two fingerprints coding as well as a combination code.

Features and Specifications

  • For advanced protection you receive both combination and digital lock system
  • The door is pry-resistant to protect your firearms while providing a quick and quiet access
  • The exterior is 3.2” H x 12.0” W x 9.9” Depth
  • The interior holds a J $ K size revolver and is 2.2” H x 9.7” W x 6.6” Depth
  • Provides you with single handed access while designed with a zero feedback lock with compression gas strut
  • Can be placed inside a drawer or outside a drawer


Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe 0.08 Cubic Feet QAP1E

Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe 0.08 Cubic Feet
Sentry Safe Quick Access Safe 0.08 Cubic Feet

With the Sentry Safe Quick Access safe, you have a reliable safe that is equipped with a compression gas strut that is great for quick single-handed use. This safe provides you with a quiet entry when needed – designed with a durable steel construction while pry-resistant. You receive an override key and accommodate a larger pistol like the 1911 model.

Features and Specifications

  • It has a zero feedback digital lock with no audible feedback while backlit
  • The door of this small gun safe is pry-resistant while providing quiet access with the density gas strut
  • When in an emergency, you can open this safe single handed
  • It has a tough steel construction and layered out with foam
  • Exterior: 3.2” H x 12” W x 9.9” Depth
  • Interior: is 2.2” H x 9.7” W x 6.6” Depth
  • The gun safe can be taken with you on the road or kept in or outside your drawer


SentrySafe PP1K Portable Pistol Safe

SentrySafe PP1K Portable Pistol Safe
SentrySafe PP1K Portable Pistol Safe

The SentrySafe PP1K is great when you are in need of keeping your firearm safe while traveling by car. The safes designed with a pry-resistant door and have a steel construction with a steel tethering cable. This cable allows you to attach the safe to an affixed object and great while traveling.

Features and Specifications

  • The PP1K is great for people on the go
  • Designed with solid steel
  • The lids pry-resistant
  • The interior has high compression foam to keep your firearm safe and very portable for both your car and home
  • Exterior: 3.4” H x 11.3” W x 10.1” Depth
  • Interior: 3.0” H x 9.8” W x 6.1” Depth


All SentrySafe firearm safes carry a one-year limited warranty.

Now for something more sexy and sleek:

The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe

The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe
The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe

If you do have the funds and looking, for the best small handgun safe – look at this sexy unique GunBox Biometric handgun safe. Not only is this gun safe sexy it provides you with superb technology in a gun safe design. Made from aircraft strength aluminum alloy with a sleek, white exterior with black band and consist of a simple fingerprint scanner. This is the best handgun safes you can presently find available on the market.

Features and Specifications

  • The GunBox can be opened by an RFID ring, sticker, or wristband while operating with your fingerprint at the same time
  • It has a durable, strong aluminum shell and on the heavy side
  • If the safe is moved an alarm goes off
  • It provides you with a large capacity to easily keep two handguns safe with other valuables
  • It has two USB ports for charging and also works with batteries if needed, to take with you on a trip
  • Designed to hold multiple fingerprints
  • Designed with mounting holes
  • It has a Kensington lock port


The GunBox 2.0

The Gun Box 2.0

With the GunBox 2.0, you get a quick to open handgun storage box. The handgun safe conceals your firearm and gives you quick access to it when you need it the most. The cutting-edge technology is noticeable. Furthermore, the GunBox is packed with safety features to keep it on a counter top, desk, or the nightstand. The box gives you biometric finger access and works with a RFID key card and fob for ease of access.

Features and Specifications

  • Designed with a 360° biometric fingerprint scanner that holds different fingerprints
  • You get quick access to the handgun safe box via the included RFID scanner opened with the key card or fob included
  • Designed with an audible motion and tamper alarm that gives off a loud sound if the box is tampered with
  • Has two USB ports for charging your mobile devices or to connect other USB enable accessories
  • It has a battery that works up to 18 months of use
  • The safety box is FAA approved for transporting your firearm
  • Available in six colors Gunsmoke, glossy bond black, matte carbon black, arctic white, and billet gray
  • Designed with automatic lid opening with the touch of your finger, Bluetooth app, or your RFID key card or fob
  • Includes a one-year warranty



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