How to maintain a gun safe ? Gun Safe Maintenance Tips


As with any appliance in the home, the gun safe needs maintaining to protect your valuables from damage and theft. When you take care of it, the unit can last for decades, add worth to your items, and gun collection.

Depending on where the safes standing dust and dirt can still, cover it. Once dust and dirt settle on it cleaning becomes difficult over time. That is why you need to keep it clean and working on a regular basis.

Here are some great tips to keep your handgun safe in tip-top-working-order.

Clean the exterior

Use a non-abrasive cloth, water, and soap to clean the exterior and metal parts such as the hinges, handle, and locking bolts. This is the best way to clean a gun safe with a gloss texture. You can use metal cleaners but it will eventually eat away the non-tarnish coating on the parts.

Make sure to oil the hinges of the door and you need to apply it to the bottom, side, and top of the hinges. Only use a small amount of oil as this prevents the parts from sticking. Imagine yourself in an emergency and the door does not open as it was stuck.

If you have a fireproof safe ensure that, the fire seals are in an excellent condition and if not have, it replaced. For blemishes, you can touch it up with some paint. Try to do these cleaning tips on a monthly basis if you can.

Service the Locking Mechanism

One of the important features of a gun safe is the locking mechanism. You need a lock that works, if it does not you have a useless metal box. Make sure to have the lock inspected by a locksmith at least once a year. If you bought a quality handgun safe, they normally have some type of guarantee.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

The biggest cause of firearm damage is humidity and depends on where you have placed your safe. Here you can invest in the best dehumidifier to prevent moisture from damaging moving parts and your guns. This unique device removes moisture from the surrounding air. Further, they can also cut down on mold, dust, allergens, and many other things.

As you do not open your gun safe regularly, there is no air circulation on the inside. This causes the temperature on the inside to fluctuate and moisture starts to develop. This gives the safe a bad smell and can cause a mold buildup to take place.

There are different dehumidifiers you can buy that serve a great purpose keeping your valuable items working all the time.

Electric Dehumidifier

One can take this expensive step but worthwhile. When placed in the safe it provides constant heat and controls moisture inside the safe. It looks like a rod sometimes known as a “goldenrod” and a heating element helping to evaporate moisture. This device needs a power supply that you must keep plugged in. There is certain gun safe models that provide electric outlets on the inside. If the handgun safe you have does not have one you will have to lead the wires through the door.

Wireless Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier makes use of battery power and you place it on the inside of the safe. It helps to add warm air on the interior, and small & portable. Further, you can place silica gel with it. Some of these devices sometimes have silica gel on the inside and a fan circulates the air while the silica absorbs it. They normally have a ten-year lifespan. The only thing you need to do is change the battery.

Using Silica Gel

You can find silica packets in different product items when shipped. When buying a new gun safe you may find a packet of this gel on the inside. This helps to keep the interior moisture free. They soak up moisture like a sponge and they are affordable to buy. You can even use them anywhere in the home. You only need to change them out after a few months. Some you can even place in an oven to dry them out and are reusable.

Advantages when using Dehumidifiers

  • The dehumidifier is placed on the inside of the gun safe and prevents moisture buildup
  • Prevents damage to documents and your guns
  • Using the silica gel needs no added power supply and is affordable
  • You only need to replace the gel every few months and some are reusable
  • Some dehumidifiers have silica gel in them that helps if battery power does run out

Disadvantages when using Dehumidifiers

  • This depends on the type of dehumidifier you choose as an electric one needs constant power
  • The wires can get in the way and increase your power bill
  • Electric dehumidifiers are expensive
  • The wireless dehumidifier needs battery power and you need to keep checking it

Final Thoughts

If you keep your gun safe maintained and use a dehumidifier it will give you years of use. By checking the hinges and locks, the safe will open when you need it the most. By keeping the exterior clean, it prevents a dust buildup on the hinges and keeps your gun safe looking great. While a dehumidifier keeps the inside of the safe in tip-top condition prevent documents from falling apart or your guns rusting up.


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