Best Gun Safe reviews – Guide to choose the Top Rated Gun Safes

Best gun safe guy - Guide to choose the Top Rated Gun Safes

In our modern day society and crime escalating at a high rate – many people are turning to firearms for protection – but you will need to purchase a high quality & secure gun safe to keep your family safe. This is where the best gun safe is an important item to have. This is very important, especially if you have children, with laws changing in America and around the world it is becoming compulsory.

A gun safe keeps your children out of harm’s way, and holds all your important documents locked away securely and great for spare cash lying around. You may own a firearm and came to this site with the knowledge that you need one to keep your prized possession secured, but not sure where to start.

Here you will find some in-depth reviews of the most efficient and popular models available on the market. You need to know the important features before making an investment in keeping your valuable’s safe and out of harm’s way. Furthermore, you first need to know the key points to evaluate before making a purchase and our goal is to ensure that you make the right one.

Key Points Before making a Gun Safe Purchase

Here one can consider certain characteristics before making the best gun safe purchase by looking at the following:

  • Size: The size of your safe is an important feature for different reasons, as you need to know if it will fit where you want to place it. You need to consider measurements before buying.
  • Weight: The weight of the safe is another important feature, as one that only weighs 300 pounds will most likely not deter theft. If you were considering buying, a lightweight gun safe the best would be to bolt it down, while a 500+ pounds gun safe is more adequate as someone trying to take it out of your home is left with a little bit more trouble.
  • Another, important key factor is the lock types: Here you need to consider if you want a manual or electronic safe/Biometric safe. We recommend and electronic safe or biometric as a manual lock becomes a nightmare during the night if you have an intruder roaming around and you need quick access to your firearm.
  • Also, look if you can bolt down the safe as some houses are built with post-tension slabs and one cannot drill into a concrete foundation of your home. In this case, you can buy yourself a heavy gun safe, as they do not require bolting down.
  • Last on the list, do you have enough space in your room, as this is critical? A gun safe should provide you with enough room to grow, especially if you are planning to place different firearms and documents in them for safekeeping.

These are some of the important features to guide you in the right direction before making that purchase ensuring that you make the right choice when buying gun safe, as it is a very important investment keeping your items secure while keeping you within the law at the same time. Here are some reviews to help you on your way in making the right choice:

Which Gun Safe Should You Choose

Now you know what to look for when buying, the best gun safe which one is suitable for you. With the extremesafes, you have the choice of selecting different safes to suit your lifestyle and needs, which we will be discussing here. However, selecting the best one can be a difficult task, and we recommend you read the gun safe reviews available when choosing one.

Standard Gun Safe for One Gun and Documents

BARSKA Biometric Safe
BARSKA Biometric Safe

Owning a standard gun safe for one gun and documents is one of the most affordable buys. Not only do they come in different sizes you can keep it in a hidden place like the basement or in a cupboard in the main bedroom. If you are only planning to keep one firearm and certain documents in it, the Barska Biometric Safe is the best choice. The safe gives you superb security, holds different handguns and is portable to hide away anywhere in reach.

Choose the Handgun Safe for Portability and Travelling

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model - QAP1BE
Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model – QAP1BE

For, the gun owner that travels by air or car choosing a handgun safes for portability and traveling is the best solution instead of buying a standard gun safe. With us, you can buy the best gun safe that covers all the regulations needed to travel by air or car. People also buy fixed car gun safes but These portable handgun safes are easy to hide away in the vehicle and made from metal with Biometric security systems. These gun safes are easily accessible and you open it with one touch of your finger. For detailed information, you can read our individual gun safe reviews.

In-Wall Gun Safe

Mesa Safe Company Model MAWS2113E Electronic Wall Safe

For a secure option in keeping your firearms and documents out of harm way choose the In-Wall Gun Safe. In this safe, you can keep your gun empty or loaded and great for emergencies. Here you need to consider where you will hide the safe, the depth and how easy it will be to open in an emergency. The Extreme safes recommends you consider the Stack-On IWC-22, Mesa MAWS2113E Electronic Wall Safe, and Barska Biometric in wall gun safe.

Corner Gun Safe Cabinet


For, choosing a corner gun, safe cabinet one-size does not fit all. Consider the following if you need the best gun safe:

  • The dimension of the corner you want to place the safe, as you do not want to spend a fortune on a corner safe that does not fit.
  • The capacity of the safe–decide if you need one that can hold 5 rifles with ammunition and documents. We suggest you buy one with extra storage than what you need leaving more growth for added accessories.
  • The locking mechanism should be top notch no matter what style you buy. These gun safes can have electronic to key locks.
  • The construction of the corner safe must be durable and best to buy one with a solid steel construction.

Read some of our detailed corner gun safe reviews to find one suitable for your security needs.

Under the Bed Gun Safe

Stealth Defense Vault DV652
Stealth Defense Vault DV652

If you are limited with space the under the bed gun safe can be your best option, especially in an emergency. This type of safe is easily accessible when strategically placed. Extreme Safes has different brands available and can observe the following features when buying one:

  • Make sure the safe will fit under your bed.
  • Will you be using the under bed gun safe at home or will it need to be taken with you while traveling?
  • How heavy should the safe be and does it need rollers.
  • How fast can you access the safe and must the gun safe be fireproof & waterproof?
  • What type of lock should the safe have mechanical or biometric?

These are a couple of things you can consider when buying the under the bed gun safe, but remember to choose one that kids are not able to open. Here, we have a list of best under the bed gun safe that helps you make your decision.

Large Gun Cabinets

Stack-On GCDG-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet
Stack-On GCDG-924 10-Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet

The large gun cabinet gives you the added storage needed compared to a standard gun safe. You can buy them in different sizes and styles to display your collection making sure it is safe and securely locked away. Determine how large the cabinet needs to be and look for one that is able to hold your entire collection of guns with additional shelving for smaller items. If you don’t require a big gun cabinet we recommend you to take a look at rifle safes that fits great at your place. We recommend you to read reviews of gun cabinets available in our site.

Here are the different sizes of gun cabinets by your weapon collection.

Hidden Gun Safes That No One Can Find

Mantle Clock Safe Concealment Hidden Storage Compartment
Mantle Clock Safe Concealment Hidden Storage Compartment

Compared to a standard gun safe the hidden gun safe is the best gun safe to own that no one can find. Extreme safes has some interesting hidden gun safes available and they are not your typical metal box type. Each one has unique features and does not take on the form of your traditional safe. Here you can look at a Gun Cabinet hidden away in a mirror, the M9 concealment gun system, and the Oak Covert Cabinet LG-36 hidden shelves with LED lamps.

As you can see there are different types of Hidden gun safes for different safety needs – make sure to check all the available options when buying a gun safe to keep your prized possession safe.

Pimp Up Your Safe with the Following Gun Safe Accessories

Best Gun Safe has touched on the importance of owning a safe and the types of gun safes you can consider buying. Now that you have made a decision on what type of safe you need – we have some great accessories to pimp up your safe. Many of the rifle safes available do not offer additional space to store your collection or you have collected different items crowding the safe. Maybe you need some light, as the one included with the safe is weak, either way, you can find some great gun safe accessories to take your safe to the next level.

Add some Light                                      

The majority of safes come with standard lighting and is not bright enough. Here you can add some great lighting inside the safe Universal lights –normally attaches with Velcro but you still need to plan where you will mount the light. Buying LED lights needs batteries and only last up to 6-months depending on how often you open the safe. You can buy larger light kits operated with an AC power but need a power outlet close by. On the other hand, you can consider buying external lighting as well as this helps you when you have a combination lock that is hard to see at night.

Add some Additional Storage

American Security Model 24 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kit
American Security Model 24 Premium Door Organizer Retrofit Kit

You may have a safe but over the years you have added some items to it and the gun safes crammed. This is where our storage accessories come in handy. You can look at the following list of gun safe door organizers.

  • The Liberty Door Panel Organizer for a medium sized safe
  • The Acorn Velcro Pistol Holster to set up on the interior of the safe
  • The American Security premium door retrofit kit for the inside of the safe door
  • Pistol Stands are great for stacking added guns
  • Magazine mounts are great to keep those magazines in one place and out of the way – they work with a magnetic plate and it mounts underneath the shelve
  • For the bow owner, you can buy a bow hanger to keep the bow secure and safe


Keeping the Safe Environment Controlled

Peet Dryer Dehumidifier
Peet Dryer Dehumidifier

Having too much humidity in the safe can damage your guns. The best way to keep it safe is with an HVAC system to keep the humidity levels low. Here you can look at some of the best gun safe dehumidifiers in our site, Some of those are wireless Eva-dry E333 & E500, the PEET Dryer that removes unwanted humidity and works with power, or the Golden Rod Dehumidifier that prevents moist buildup on the inside of the safe.

Protect the Safe against Fire

Depending on the safe you have, there are different options available to make sure the important documents not damaged during a fire. Place the documents in a fire safe bag that you can buy online.

Consider an Alarm System

We know you have a safe to keep your gun collection and documents safe, but have you considered an alarm system. Using an alarms system is a great way to known when someone is tampering with the safe. For those of you that do have a security system in place you only need to add a sensor to the safe door. Consider choosing a sensor that triggers movement and vibration. On the other hand, you can buy a safe monitoring system at an affordable price that is battery powered and connects to a Wi-Fi network.

This alarm system notifies you when there is any type of movement taking place at the safe, the temperature & humidity rises, or when the battery is low. It notifies you via email or message directly to your phone.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the information presented here helps you to make an informative decision when the time comes to buy a gun safe for your needs. As you can see, there are some great accessories available to pimp up the safe keeping your important assets in safe hands.